Dry Carpet Cleaning

We can dry clean your carpets using the our dry cleaning granular system which means you will be able to use your carpets immediately after cleaning. Our system involves several steps and will give you good results but is not suitable for heavily stained carpets or ones where there are odour problems. In these cases we recommend our high powered truck mount cleaning.

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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Our Dry 60 system is very effective on low profile carpets such as office tiles but can also be used with good results on domestic carpeting. We have cleaned many office carpets in Essex and London and our customers have always been pleased with the results. there are no issues with over wetting or smelly carpets . It is probably the best way to clean Sisal natural carpets where results can be limited and shrinkage is a big issue with steam cleaning.

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Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Very Fast Drying You can use immediately cleaning is finished. No Shrinkage. No Musty Smells. Nice Fragrance.

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Doug Holloway

Doug Holloway is a recognised professional within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. He has over 30 years experience and is also an Industrial Chemist. He has a wealth of cleaning and stain removal knowledge.

Please ring 01702 473700 or email doug@1st4carpetcleaning.com